Internships at Haborside

Safety Harbor, FL.

a group of harborside interns walking on a trail with the sun setting in the background
a harborside intern smiling for a photo.

Welcome to Your Best Summer

Spend your summer with others growing in relationship with Jesus and building Christian leadership skills.

What Ministry Areas Can I Intern With?


  • Support design team with various graphic, video, and photo projects.
  • Take video and photos during events and weekend services.
  • Dream into church projects with the design team in the preproduction phase.
  • Attend design team meetings to grow in community and technical ability in your craft.
  • Champion certain creative projects to learn project management, communication, and leadership skills.

Marketing Team

  • Develop content for social media.
  • Execute social media campaigns.
  • Organize data for our church management system.
  • Data collection and cleaning.

Connect Ministry

  • Meet and build relationships with volunteer group leaders.
  • Help coordinate connect groups (online content and physical materials).
  • Assist in hosting 4 weeks of the NEXT class.
  • Aid in the summer beach baptism registration, organization, recruitment, and ministry

Harborside Chapel

  • Social media mangament.
  • Chapel administration (marriage licenses and mentorship books).
  • Chapel aesthetics and decor.
  • Chapel appreciation event.

Production Team

  • Program lights/slides/audio needs for kids and student worship.
  • Assist in programming for the adult services.
  • Capture and edit video footage from the summer.
  • Recruit volunteers for production team and assist in training.
  • Serve on production team.


  • Harborside first impressions and guest services.
  • Welcoming and connecting new people to Harborside culture.
  • Atmosphere seasonal decorating.
  • Volunteer appreciation and management.

Harborside Students

  • Lead student connect groups.
  • Help plan student services.
  • Meet and build relationships with students, parents, and volunteers.
  • Co-lead Middle School camp.


  • Arrange rooms for ministry needs
  • Basic maintenance of church property (physical labor, ability to lift 50+ pounds).
  • Participate in or lead a connect group.

Worship Team

  • Build and lead a student worship team.
  • Assist in kids worship.
  • Set up and tear down for summer family worship nights.
  • Lead worship/play with the adult worship team on Sunday mornings when scheduled.

HavenHouse Eatery & Coffee

  • Meet and build relationships with people in our community.
  • Learn the fundamentals of working in a coffee shop and restaurant environment.
  • Assist with inventory of paper goods and products.
  • Lead a connect group.

Harborside Kids

  • Meet and build relationships with kids, parents, and volunteers.
  • Write and prepare Biblical lesson plans.
  • Teach young hearts about the truth of God.
  • Host fun summer events.
  • Lead a kid’s connect group.

What Will This Internship Look Like?

a group of young adults hugging each other while laughing


Full time, paid, high school graduates and older.

Interns work 40 hours a week, Sundays through Thursdays. Interns will apply for a specific ministry department.

Sunday 8a-12p
Monday 9a-9p
Tuesday 9a-5p
Wednesday 9a-5p
Thursday 9a-5p

a group of young adults standing on a church stage with their arms around each other, making silly faces.


Part time, unpaid, high school students and older.

Shadows have flexibility for family and summer vacation plans.

Sunday 8a-12p
Monday 4-9p
Wednesday 9a-5p
Thursday 9a-5p

A group of teens and young adultts jumping off a church stage smiling and laughing.


Part time, unpaid.

Disciples have the most flexibility for a job, friends and family, and summer rest. This is a great introductory step into the program.

Sunday 8a-12p
Monday 5-9p
Thursday 9a-5p

Important Dates

Application Dates

  • March 15 – Applications Open
  • May 28 – Applications Close
Work Dates
  • June 1 – Internship Starts (Orientation)
  • July 4 – Holiday
  • July 25 – Rehearsal for Sunday @7:00pm
  • July 30 – On Stage Sunday @7:00am-12:00pm
  • July 30 – Commissioning Night and Reception
  • July 31 – Internship Ends
Parent Information
  • May 21- Parent and Participant Meeting @12:00pm (Chapel)
  • July 30- Internship Commissioning Night and Reception @5pm