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Cash Gifts

Cash gifts may be given in-person, by check, bill pay, or wire transfer. Sending a gift by mail is a popular method for many of our people. It's easy, safe, and secure. If you are mailing a check, make it payable to Harborside Christian Church at the address: 2200 Marshall Street Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Legacy Gifts

Give beyond one's lifetime and make a lasting impact on future generations at Harborside through legacy gifts. You can name Harborside Christian Church as the beneficiary of all or any portion of your estate. This includes wills/trusts or beneficiary designation of a retirement account, life insurance policy, or a charitable gift annuity. Legal and/or tax advisors should be consulted for guidance when setting up legacy gifts.

Non-Cash Gifts

Non-cash giving is the process of giving appreciated assets such as stocks, securities, mutual funds, real estate, or retirement plans. Giving this way is a distinctive and intelligent act of stewardship, allowing you to significantly amplify your impact, enjoy greater tax benefits, and minimize capital gains tax liabilities.


“Harborside Christian Church is ALL IN when it comes to Foster Care! We are so thankful for Harborside and their heart for the foster care community. We believe one day, every child who comes into care will have a home because churches like Harborside have said yes.”
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A Door of Hope
Partner Organization
"Every time we meet a couple looking to get married, we share our story of having mentors with the Harborside Chapel. We tell them to get married at the chapel because of the mentorship. It was the best thing that happened to us!"
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Reynier and Tahimit Montesino
Wedding Chapel Couple
“We have attended Harborside for around 3 years in total, its an incredible experience from the worship music team to the incredible messages and inspiration from the pastors. We also participate in their connect groups which are well organized and very helpful. Great people here who are here to help you grow in Christ.”
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Tyler Baumgardner
Google Maps Review
"Our care community never ceases to show us the care that we never knew we needed. We went from surviving as a foster home to being able to thrive knowing we have people outside of our home that now feel like family."
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Powers Family
Supported Foster Parents
“Awesome place to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and fellowship with other Christians. A church that teaches and preaches the gospel of Jesus in spirit and truth. Wonderful ministers, staff and members. A genuinely pleasant friendly place. They engage in a multitude of ministries for people of all ages.”
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Michael Robinson
Google Maps Review
“Amazing Church! Not enough words to describe the feeling with this church. Wonderful community! The worship team is so good that you will jump to your feet to join in! All of the pastors are so passionate and deliver wonderful sermons every Sunday. This is the church to grow in your faith with God.”
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Nicole Franke
Google Maps Review
A man worshipping and raising his hands.