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We want to do everything possible to make your Connect Group experience meaningful.
Please feel free to use our links and resources, as well as reach out if you have a financial need pertaining to Connect Groups.

Connect Group Scholarship Form

If you need financial assistance to participate in one of our Connect or Care Groups, Harborside will cover your partial or total costs to participate. This includes materials and childcare fees. Please fill out this form to request assistance. ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED IS CONFIDENTIAL.


Upon acceptance of this scholarship, I (or we) will participate in each group meeting or event that is part of the schedule. If it is necessary to miss a scheduled group meeting or event, I will contact Group Leader before the meeting. I understand that if I miss 2 or more events on the group schedule, I could forfeit my scholarship. If childcare is part of this scholarship, I will notify Pam Bauer ( any time childcare is not needed for one or all of the children listed on this form.