Our ultimate mission with Outreach at Harborside is to live a life defined by the love of Jesus.  Our prayer is that every person would have an encounter with Jesus’ love!  We believe that through an encounter with His love, hearts will be set free and lives transformed, by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Meet the Team

Paz Parker & Karli Roldan

Paz grew up in Peru and has had the opportunity to travel around the world with worship and ministry teams.  Her heart for the lost inspires her to intercede for the nations and for all to come to know the one true Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!

Karli grew up in North Carolina, and has had the opportunity to travel around the country and world with missions. Her heart longs to encourage those who are passionate to win their city and nation for the Lord, and she dreams of seeing the unity of the bride of Christ running after their first love.                     

Together we look for various ways to partner with what the Lord is doing in our community, neighborhoods, city, and nations. Every day is an opportunity to live a life of outreach, to steward a meeting place for those around you to encounter God.  We are called to be the light of the world, as we carry the authority and power that the Lord has given us, for His glory, for His Name to be lifted high!                        

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