Leadership Team

Kurt Parker

Senior Pastor

Amos Pierre

Executive Pastor

Dean McSpadden

Chief Financial Officer

Children’s Ministry Team

Joy Ellcessor

Director of Children’s Ministry

Kylie Peters

Director of Harborside Hype
Production and Worship

Jacey Goodwin

Director of Preschool Education and Communications within Harborside Kids

Tricia Greene

Elementary Director

Pam Bauer

Childcare Coordinator

Student Ministry Team

Vikki Collins

Director of Student Discipleship

Max De Oliveira

Student Discipleship Assistant

Adult Ministry Team

Jeanny Alexandre

Director of Discipleship

Cecilia Corteo

Connect Group Coordinator

Michelle Alexandre

Hospitality Director

Tom Goodlet

Associate Minister

Carol Burmood, LMHC

On-site Counseling:  
LifeImpact Counseling

Melissa Carrier

Café Manager/ Hospitality Associate

Marketing Team

Andrew Frazier

Chief Marketing Officer

Sam Otero

Marketing Associate

Olivia Platt

Marketing Content Creator/
Production Assistant

Orlando Corteo

Marketing Associate/ Production Assistant

Creative Ministry Team

Ethan Parker

Director of Harborside Music/
Worship Leader

Paz Parker

Global Initiative Director

Hantz Metellus

Music Director

Jeanmarc Alexandre

Music Producer of Harborside Music/
Worship Pastor

Lissette Metellus

Production Director/ Worship Leader

Kaylyn Frazier

Worship Leader

Orlando Corteo

Production Assistant/ Marketing Associate

Olivia Platt

Production Assistant/
Marketing Content Creator

Outreach Ministry Team

Karli Roldan

Outreach Associate

Paz Parker

Global Initiative Director

Administrative Team

Matt Ternes

Business Administrator

Tammie Lilley

Accounting Associate

Erik Woodiwiss

Senior Vice President of Operations

Dan Cusmano

Director of Technologies

Matt Peters

Senior Director of Operations

Harborside Chapel Team

Jeff Swanson

Executive Director, Harborside Chapel

Shai Long

Harborside Chapel Associate

Krystal Rapp

Director of Harborside Chapel

Liana Patrick

Director of Harborside Chapel

Haven House Eatery and Coffee Bar Team

Karli Roldan

Executive Director, Haven House

Melissa Carrier


Lynette Ellcessor


Our Elders

Mike Long, Chairman

Michael Carli

Bill Fink

Brian Leimbach

Alec Willeson

Kurt Parker