Harborside Kids is excited to keep partnering with parents both at home and in-person to help kids grow in their love for the Lord! We have children’s classes available at both of our in-person services: 9am and 10:30am

Want to connect with other Harborside families? We will be interacting with Harborside Kids all week long through our Facebook page. See what other families are doing and stay connected.

Truth Tokens

Harborside Kids is going on a year-long adventure. YOU have been invited and chosen to go on a quest for Truth. Join us each Sunday as we discover what and who Truth really is.

Worship at Home

Worship isn’t just for church on a Sunday. Turn on some of our Harborside Kids Worship Playlists and worship out loud at home, in your car, as your kids are doing homework. Let’s worship Jesus all day long!