Welcome to Your Best Summer!

Spend your summer with others who are pursuing the Kingdom of God! Lead. Create. Grow. Stretch. Laugh. Encounter. Love. Live.

What Will This Internship Look Like?


Full time, paid, high school graduates and older.

Interns work 40 hours a week, for 9 weeks. Interns will choose the leadership or creative track as their ministry focus. Interns will have many opportunities to lead and create.


Part time, unpaid, high school students and older.

Shadows work 25 hours a week, and shadow the interns. There is flexibility for family and summer vacation plans. Shadows will choose the leadership or creative track as a ministry focus.


Part time, unpaid, high school freshman through young adults.

These are the ones who want to learn more about Jesus and have a passion to serve the church and community. They have the most flexibility for another job or friends/family summer break time!

Choose Your Ministry Track


The Leadership track focuses on leading people in ministry to encounter God.

Together, the leadership team will run events (like Splash Dash, the Movement, etc), learn about business (with HavenHouse, Harbor Café, and Harborside Chapel), and lead outreach for the summer.

  1. Do you like leading people to encounter God?
  2. Do you have a heart for those around you and in your city?
  3. Are you going towards ministry, business, leadership, teaching, or missions for your career?

Things you will do this summer:

  • Leading Events
  • Youth & Kids Ministry
  • Preaching, Teaching
  • Outreach Ministry
  • Business, Entrepreneurship


The Creative track focuses on creating to lead people to encounter God.

This team will increase skills in creative programs (Photoshop, Premier), work in church production (lighting, cameras, videos, music), and spend time creating for God’s glory.

  1. Are you drawn to creativity and creative expression?
  2. Do you take interest in photography, music, art, design, and construction?
  3. Are you going towards music, graphic design, marketing, or film for your career?

Things you will do this summer:

  • Art, Design, Painting
  • Music, Song-writing
  • Video Filming and Editing
  • Photography, Photoshop
  • Church Production (cameras / lighting / audio / backstage)


What will I do in the internship program?

Grow! Lead! Create! Stretch! Connect! Learn! Laugh! You will encounter God on a deeper level, hear from incredible leaders, and have opportunity to lead and create for the King. See the PDF schedules for more information on the day-to-day.

Which ministry track do I choose?

You will get cross-training in both leadership and creativity, so essentially, everyone will experience a little of both! Choose the ministry track that initially made you excited. If you need help, ask a parent or close friend which one they recommend for you.

Will I have time for rest and other jobs or activities?

Yes! We are closed every Friday and Saturday for rest and other work. Also, only paid Interns are full-time, so the Shadows and Disciples have much more flexibility. If you manage your time well, you will get plenty of rest and opportunity for other summer activities.

Can I invite a friend to join?

Absolutely! All may apply. Minimum age is High School freshman.

Is there a tuition fee?

There is no tuition cost for the internship program! Lunch is not provided.

Can I get paid?

Full-time Interns are paid $12 per hour for 9 weeks. Shadows and Disciples can apply to be paid through the Summer P.A.Y.S. Program

Can I be a part-time paid Intern?

Unfortunately, no. Paid Interns are our most serious position and are full-time only. ALL IN!!

However, if you want to be involved part-time, you may apply for a position as a Shadow or Disciple. These both offer more flexibility for other jobs or summer breaks.

Can I miss days?

Full-time paid Interns have the most responsibility to be present. Interns are considered Harborside staff for summer, so this is to be treated as a nine-week job position. Sick days and vacation days will be alloted by the leadership team as needed.

Shadows and Disciples have more flexibility and allotment for time-off. If you already have many summer plans, these may be the positions best for you. 

July 4th is a holiday for all.

Is this internship for me if my career choice isn't ministry?

This internship is for anyone who wants to grow in Christian leadership and creativity! It is not limited to those pursuing church ministry as a career. All who are wanting to grow this summer are encouraged to apply.

Is housing provided if I'm not local?

Possibly! We are working on solutions. Mention the need in the application and we will work with you as best as possible.

Is there info for my parents?

Yes, a parent and applicant meeting will be held on May 22 @12:00pm at Harborside Church. We ask for all accepted into the program to participate in this informational meeting, either in-person or via Zoom.

Should I apply?

Pray first! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to His best decision for the summer. Ask Him to reveal his plan. Then, seek wise counsel, asking your parents and mentors for advice. Finally, chase peace. When you consider joining the internship program, does peace surround you? If you can say, “yes” to any of these promptings, you should at least apply. Should you be selected, there will be an opportunity for you to accept or decline the offer at a later date.

Other Items To Download…

Important Dates

Mark your calendar!

Application Dates

  • April 1- Applications Open
  • April 22- Applications Close
  • May 1- Interns, Shadows, Disciples Selected

Work Dates

  • June 1- Internship Starts
  • July 4- Holiday
  • July 26- Rehearsal for Sunday @7:00pm
  • July 31- On Stage Sunday @7:00am-12:00pm
  • August 1- Internship Ends

    For Your Parents Too

    • May 22- Parent and Participant Meeting @12:00pm
    • July 31- Internship Reception @12:30pm-2:30pm