Operation Christmas Child

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Global Ministry Partners

Harborside prayerfully and financially supports ministries around the world, including missionaries that have come out of our church and were called to carry the gospel to the nations.  Welcome to the global church!  Meet our partnerships below.

Kenya ~ (Deb)

Deb has been living in rural Kenya, serving the Maasai tribe, since 2014.  The Lord has immensely grown the ministry which started as a small church underneath a tree to now what consists of multiple facets and outreaches under
Woven Together Ministries

*Cattle Ministry
*Woven Community Church
*The Gazelle Coffee House and Meeting Place
*Shamba (Vegetable Farming) Ministry
*New Life Bible College

*Passion Fruit Harvest
*Emergency Food Relief
*Unifying Local Churches
*Woven Together Interanational Missionary Community

Nicaragua ~ (Brenda)

Brenda serves the people in Nicaragua and has been living in the country since 2000.  With a nursing background, she seeks to promote quality health care and well being for the people through medical improvements, nutrition, and community education.  She helps to oversee an annual pastor’s conference promoting unity among the churches, while also helping to plan and faciliate visiting mission trip teams.

France ~ (Teal)

Teal and her husband, Emmanuel, have a heart to see the next generation in Paris rise up as Spirit-filled believers on fire for Jesus!  They serve in France with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) in church planting and equipping.  Their focuses consist of youth ministry, discipleship, teaching, preaching, and worship, as they pour into the lives of youth and young adults in their community!

Nicaragua ~ (Josué & Karina)

Josué & Karina pastor a multi-generational church in Nicaragua that is very engaged with the community around them.  Their heart for discipleship has caused the growth of many minitstries and gatherings throughout the week, taking their church outside the four walls.  They desire to see families united for the glory of God and filled with the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Haiti ~ (Beyond Our Door)

Pastor Diogene and his wife Lionette have been serving in Haiti for decades.  They oversee many schools and churches there helping to bring assistance and support.  One of their primary focuses was birthed in 2007 after Lionette dreamed of having a home for special needs children.  The M-House was created and has grown into a beautiful ministry that provides for and supports children with special needs of various ages.  They are cared for and most importantly shown the love of Jesus every day.

Operation Mobilization

Operation Mobilization has a presence around the world in some of the hardest to reach places.  In India, they have established schools, churches, medical care, and so much more, that are leading people to Jesus, their Healer and Savior!  In a land where the predominant religion is Hinduism, there is a hunger for truth and the Gospel.  The harvest is ripe, and Operation Mobilization is serving the least, rescuing the helpless, and restoring dignity for the glory of God!

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan’s Purse operates from the mindset that God’s heart is to help those around us in need.  The why behind their ministry and what they do can be found in the Bible with the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10.  For over 50 years, they have been readily responding to critical situations, tragedy, desperation, hunger, natural disasters, medical needs, and more around the globe.  With every action they take, they also share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and do it in the name of His love.  Countless lives have been rescued, restored, and ultimately saved for the Kingdom of God!


JAARS which stands for the Jungle Aviation and Radio Service is a non-profit organization passionate about people having access to the Bible in their own language.  They leverage multiple forms of transporation, technology, media, and training to support efforts in Bible translation and distribution around the globe.  They are continually going to the hard to reach places and advancing the language development opportunities for the Bible to be available in every language!

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe Bible Translators started began over 75 years ago with a heart to see the Bible become available in every language known on the earth and to help with the translation in making that possible.  Years later, a goal was set to make this dream a reality by the year 2025.  Today, at least 2,000 languages still need a Bible translation started, and Wycliffe is working faster than ever to make that happen!  They work with  churches around the world and other organizations like JAARS as they partner to make the Bible readable by every people group on the earth!

Walk Thru the Bible

Walk Thru the Bible stands on the belief that when you encounter the living God through His Word, it changes everything!  Their heart is for those that are hungry to have the tools and resources to know the Bible, preach the Word, and apply it to their lives, to be transformed by encountering Jesus!  Walk Thru the Bible passionately serves the biblically unengaged, the persecuted church, and under-resourced pastors and Bible teachers all around the world.  Their efforts lie in helping provide access to materials, technology and more that aid in Bible learning.  They thrive on multiple partnerships and unity among the body of Christ to see this happen in numerous countries each year.