Connect with God’s people.
Grow in God’s word.

We are not meant to be alone. God made us to be with Him. Everyone grows spiritually at different rates and in different ways. Connect Groups help us follow Jesus one step at a time, in an effort to become more like Him. God also created us to thrive within a community of His people. These groups provide an opportunity to spend time with others in your geographic location, or similar life situation. Whether you are looking for a group for Men, Women, Couples, Singles, Parents, Young Adults, Seniors or one that is Open to All, there is a group for you.

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Group Sessions

Our Connect Groups are scheduled 8-weeks in three sessions per year:

WINTER: January – March

SUMMER: Mid May – Mid July

FALL: September – October

With each session, you may join a group, lead a group, try a new kind of group or continue with your previous group. Whatever change flows into your life, we give you the moments to: Connect. Grow. Together.

Groups meet on campus and off, weekdays and weekends. For every stage of life and spiritual growth, there is a group for you.

How to Join A Group

1. Click on Find A Group.
There are various types of Connect Groups offered. Men, Women, Singles, Young Adults, Couples, Parents and more. Some on campus, some off.  Some in the morning, some in the evening.  Children’s programming is available Monday through Thursday evenings and Wednesday mornings for a small fee.

2. Select the category of groups that most interests you. When you’re done making your selection, click on “Let’s Go.”

3. Browse the groups that are offered according to your selection. Read more about the group leader, learn about what that group is studying, find the group location and make a final determination on which group is right for you.

4. Register for the group of your choice. Simply click “Register” to begin the process.  

Registering after the deadline? No worries!  There is still room for you.  Start at step #1 and find out which groups are still open for registration.  Reach out directly to the leader to get connected.