If you have elementary, middle school, or high school children, we know that you have your hands full right now!  This unprecedented situation has changed the patterns of how many families function.  We want to encourage and equip you to be the best parents possible.

Our student pastor, Stephen M. Law, has put together a treasure trove of resources and encouragement to help partner with you in this crucial time.  He has spent the last 14 years learning about how to engage and interact with teenagers and he has a plethora of experiences to share with you.  We are excited to partner with you through this season!



God could have picked any parent on the planet to oversee the life of your teenager- and He chose you. He doesn’t make mistakes. There is no error on His part. Because of this truth, you can be confident as a parent and a person.

Click the link below to find three practical tips on how to find confidence as a parent.


You are navigating a new world by parenting your teenagers through a pandemic. Please know you are not alone. Parents are deliberating the countless ways to discuss this topic with their teenagers while fighting fear about finances and security. And, above all, your teenager has been asked to stay at home! 

Now, more than ever, it’s time to draw into our “secret place” under the shelter of God. Use this guide to walk through an intentional time of drawing into God’s presence at this time.


Do you ever feel like attempting to communicate with your teenager is similar to the game Telephone? You know, the game where one person comes up with a message that is whispered to one person at a time until it gets to the last person. The message will often begin as something like “I love to eat toast for breakfast” and end with a completely distorted message like “My cat loves to nap.” That’s when the entire group burst out in laughter wondering “how did we get to that?!”

Unfortunately, miscommunication in the home usually leads to anger and frustration rather than belly-laughs. Effective communication is crucial for the healthy functioning of a family. This guidebook will briefly walk you through some of the barriers to effective communication with your teen and how to avoid them.


Right now media is like the Christian sibling to Netflix.  There is an incredible amount of media available for all ages in the family.  There are kids shows for children, youth studies and videos for teens, specific devotionals and studies for adults, and even parenting resources.  

Thanks to Harborside’s subscription, you can use this resource to grow in a relationship with God even while you’re at home!


A game with endless creative possibilities and exploration that your kids love!  Minecraft has been around for more than a decade, and it’s still a huge hit with kids everywhere. But that doesn’t make it any less mysterious for grown-ups who haven’t played much themselves.  Click below to download a comprehensive guide to understanding Minecraft.


In the church, we talk a lot about how we can pursue Jesus. But what about how Jesus pursues us? This six-week devotional is all about the pursuit of Jesus toward His people. Each week has three days worth of Bible reading, devotion time, study questions, and application questions.  

Choose a few days each week to plan out family devotional time as we all grow closer to Jesus in our secret space.


If you have teens or pre-teens, than this is for you! Over the next six weeks, I will be providing encouraging family ministry resources each week to help with the COVID-19 quarantine. We hope they provide you with opportunities to connect with your family during this unprecedented time.


20 Family Activities

Is your family stuck at home? Are you desperate for new, fun activities that your whole family can do together? Download this free PDF to get 20 activities that your entire family will love! Everything from outdoor games, crafts, and science – this free guide has it all!

Navigating Extracurricular Activities

How much is too much? What if my kid wants to quit mid-season? Should I push my child or let them select the activities they want to do? This worksheet will help you navigate these questions for your students.


Maybe you are starting to run out of ideas and things to do as a family.  Or maybe your teen or pre-teen is tired of doing the same thing every day.  Well if either of those are true or if you just want to add some more FUN and LAUGHTER into your family life, then make sure you check out some of these free activity resources below!


If your family is missing competitive sports, then maybe it’s time to bring the competitions home!  These “minute-to-win-it” games are sure to create hilarious memories as each person competes to win!

Pro Tip: The prizes can be as simple as, Get out of dish duty, skip walking the dog, extra game time, or dibs on the TV remote for an hour!

25 Days of Activities

As you navigate these unchartered waters, we want to offer you a parenting resource, 25 Days of Quickie Parenting Tips. These are just some simple ideas to spark some positive interaction within your family.

Worship at Home

Check out this Spotify playlist for all of your favorite Middle School uplifting songs!



Middle School Discord

Our Middle School students are gathering together online through a safe and free app/service called Discord. We are currently meeting on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights to connect and talk about relevant topics. 

Sundays @ 10:00am (Middle School Service)

Wednesdays @ 7:00 (Middle School Connect Group)

STEP ONE: Download Discord to your device

STEP TWO: In order to protect our students, all users are required to fill out the following form to join the Harborside Middle School Community. You will receive an invite link within 24 hours.

Check out this guide for tips on keeping students safe online

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