Music Auditions

If you are a musician, you are filled with talents and passions for music and worship. We are excited to meet you, hear your story, and to find the perfect place for you to share your gifts.  Here are the steps for you to take to complete an audition.

1) You are asked to attend Harborside Sunday morning services for 6 months before auditioning for an environment.

2) Complete the NEXT class offered the first Sunday of every month. This will help you know all about our church and vision! 

3) Fill out the Worship Team Application in preparation for your audition.

4) Create an audition video of you singing or playing a contemporary worship song and email it to

We should refrain from:​ ​Ungodly speech ​(​Proverbs 4:24​)​, Drunkenness ​(Luke 21:34​)​, Dishonest gain ​(Proverbs 11:3​)​, Illegal drugs or misuse of prescription medication ​(​1 Corinthians 6:19-20​)​, Social media discretion to the highest level ​(​Ephesians 4:29​)​, Pornography ​(​Matthew 18:9​)​, Sexual immorality ​(​Ephesians 5:3​)​, Behaviors which might dishonor Christ and cause others to stumble​ (​1 John 2:10​)​
Create a 2-6 minute audition video of you singing or playing one contemporary worship song. This video does not need to be high quality, cell phone videos are acceptable. Please include an introduction with your name and instrument. Email the video to