In-person services starting

November 8

10:00am & 11:30am


We are so excited to be reunited in-person again on November 8! As we re-open the building, there are a few things to take note of.


Service Times

• 10:00am (in-person & live online)

• 11:30am (in-person)

We will have Harborside Kids and Students environments open on campus for both Sunday times.


Outdoor Lobby Experience

We’re very excited to offer an outdoor space where everyone can congregate and have conversation without needing to wear masks. This area will be on the front lawn on the west side of the building and will be available and open before each service. Come enjoy coffee, a photo booth opportunity for the family as well as a check in area for kids.


Indoor Gathering

Services will be held in the main auditorium and face coverings will be required while indoors. We will have communion available to grab on your way in to service as well as a place to give your offering at the doors. Communion and offering will not be passed during the service. We will live stream the 10am service from the main auditorium.


We want to ensure that each environment on the campus is cleaned and sanitzed for the safety and health of all those present. Here is a extensive list of the meaures we’ve taken to accomplish this.

All carpets throughout the building have been deep cleaned.

• A CDC approved disinfectant chemical is used weekly to sterilize the entire building. 

• Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the building.

• Touchless paper towel dispensers have been installed in all bathrooms.

• Plexiglass dividers have been installed in the cafe between workers and guests.

• A cleaning crew comes 3 times per week to: sanitize all flat surfaces; sanitize all door handles, stair railings, and touchpoints; deep clean the cafe; deep clean our Harborside Kids area including toys, tables, chairs, bathrooms, and floors; vacuum all floors; empty all trash cans 3-4 times per week. 

• A cleaning crew comes to do a regular cleaning of the Harborside Chapel including: sanitizing all flat surfaces; sanitizing all doors handles, tops of pews, and touch points; vacuum all floors; empty all trash cans 3-4 times per week.