We Value Generosity


We are making some changes to our online giving.

Please begin giving your online gifts through our new giving portal and stop giving through PushPay.

This will streamline the giving process, move the church forward, and it will also save money so we can build the kingdom with even more resources.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Need Help?

Our New Giving Portal

Use the toggles to define the gift amount first, then you may change the frequency and start date of this gift.

We are here to help

Watch this “how to” video.

Reach out to Andrew for help.

Andrew Frazier

Email/Call Andrew with any questions

There will also be a team in the lobby every Sunday to help you with any questions.


Does this change in-person or mail-in giving?

No, if you were giving by mail or offering box in-person, this will not affect you. Continue to give as you have previously been giving. Thank you!

When do I need to make the switch by?

March 12th

It’s asking me to create a new profile. Why do I have to create a new profile to give?

Our old giving platform was a company called Pushpay. Our new giving platform requires a separate profile. One major advantage of our new way of giving is that in the future, you will only need this one profile that you are creating for all Harborside things (Kids Checkin, Groups, Trip Payments, and more!) All with only one username and password. Yay!

How will this make giving easier?

Before at Harborside, members would have ¬†a FellowshipOne account, Pushpay Account, and a Subsplash (Harborside App) account. Now you will only need one username and password for all things Harborside. In the future, you will only have one profile with your information. And fortunately, it’s all linked to our Harborside App. No need to remember and save multiple passwords!

I already have a Subsplash Account. Do I need to create a new one to give?

No. Just sign in using your current Subsplash (Harborside app logins). Subsplash is our host for our App, Website, and more! Subsplash is the only account you need for all things Harborside moving forward.

Can I still see my giving history, payment information, and other important documents related to my giving?

Yes, simply click/tap the little icon in the top right and you will be linked to your giving dashboard where you can locate all that information. We will send notifications at the end of the year with important tax documents.

Is the website giving portal the same as the app giving portal?

Yes! You can use the same logins for either the app or website. It is the same.