We invite you to join us in a 21 day fast and feast this year.

The heart of the issue is the issue of the heart. So for the first three Sundays of the New Year, we will dissect heart issues and face the blockages that hinder us from encountering God. We invite you to attend in person or watch services here:


January 3rd- January 24th


Biblical fasting is abstaining from physical food for spiritual purposes.

Biblical feasting is indulging on the Spirit of God in the Secret Place and Meeting Place.



Does it have to be food?

Biblical fasting is food. While fasting from social media, TV, etc. is great, we will embark on a food fast together.

Wait… no food for 21 days?

No, we reccomend picking a certain food/beverage item that means something to you. This is a partial fast.

How do I pick the food to obstain from? 

If the food item you pick means nothing to you, it will mean nothing to God. Pick something that will keep you reliant on His Spirit and constantly in prayer.

How do I “feast”?

Fasting without feasting is just dieting. We sacrifice so that we can become more aligned with His presence. If you give up food but don’t feast on His presence, your fast is pointless. We give up something in the natural (Food), to receive revelation, insight, and encounters in the supernatural.

I’ve never fasted before. Why should I this time? 

In Matthew 6, Jesus said “when you fast..”, not “if you fast.” He is implying fasting is a regular preistly duty. Jesus himself fasted, and as a result He understands it’s difficulties. That being said he also understands it’s incredible benefits.