As we continue to “stay at home” and our students are trying to figure out online schooling, it’s important to make sure that they are not isolated emotionally.  Middle school age children need social interactions.  It’s a way to let out emotions, learn new ways to communicate, and to grow in many ways.  We want to provide a safe way to connect during this unique season of life. 

I want to walk you through what it looks like to set up your student to connect with our Middle School Online Community, using the incredible application, Discord! Follow along with the steps and pictures below.



In order to keep our server safe and secure for our students we have several security measures in place. Before anyone is allowed to join the server, they must fill out the form below:


Once we have verified the information, we will send you an invite to the email address entered within 24-48 hours. 


Sign in or Create a free account, using the students First Name and First Initial of their last name.  (This is to ensure safety of our students.)

NOTE: If the user is under 13, adult permission/moderation is required. When registering for a new account, please enter the parent/guardians birthdate instead of the child.




Once you accept the invitation, you will receive a Direct Message from “Carl-Bot” (an automated server moderator) with instructions on how to use the server.


Click on Harborside Students on the left side of the screen (If you don’t see it, click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left) to see the #welcome channel.  Scroll up and please read through all the rules and answer the “3 Questions: 1) If you are a Middle School Student, what grade are you in? 2) Are you a Parent/Guardian of a student? And 3) Are you ready to jump in?”


On the left side of the App you will find all of the TEXT and VOICE channels. Just select the one you want to join.

In order for a student to join a voice chat (indicated by the Speaker icon) they must select on the desired channel (I.e. Voice Chat Lobby) and select “Join Voice.” Click the microphone icon in the bottom left to mute your voice, the headphones icon to mute everyone’s voices, the speaker icon to adjust volume, and the red phone/x icon to disconnect from the voice chat.

You can find details about when we meet on the #middle-school-events channel. During those events we all interact in the #broadcast-discussion channel.  Outside of those designated times, the students are welcome to come in and chat at ANY time! 

We strive to help our students stay connected with friends, leaders and God in this time and we will do this in a safe and secure way.  We have taken many steps to ensure that the students are safe to use this community.  Please let Stephen know if you have any questions or need any guidance with the application!