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George & Millie Huff led an incredible movement of God in Sierra Leone as missionaries. Their influence and impact has infiltrated and changed an entire country. God called, they answered. 

Take a moment to be encouraged through their testimony and enjoy the latest original song from Harborside Worship, "You Change Everything," inspired by their story.

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Verse 1
In Your presence
I've heard that blind eye's see
In Your power
Bread multiplies to feed the least

You never leave us hopeless, worthless
Your presence, Your power
Your encounter is changing me

Oh, now my heart is free
Oh, I'll never be the same
You change everything
You change everything
Oh, let the world believe
You change everything

Verse 2
In Your presence
Heavenly glory is released
In Your power
Graves of the dead are found empty

Tell the world
Tell the world