Have you ever wanted to change the world?

Student Motion is a great place to start! We want to be the most welcoming youth group around and the way that works is having leaders who want to make a difference.

Let’s Clear Up Some Myths about About Serving in Youth Ministry…


It doesn’t take tons of experience, time, or energy.

It doesn’t require a crazy or wild personality.

It’s not necessary to be completely up-to-date with trends.


You don’t have to be a perfect communicator or Bible scholar.

So what do students need from a leader?

They need you to…

  •  love God and live for Him
  •  be interested in their life
  •  believe in them
  •  take initiative to spend time with them

And also to…

  •  pray for them
  •  be real
  •  say encouraging words
  •  laugh and have a good time

And to…

  •  remember their name
  •  share God’s love through personal experience
  •  be consistent in their attendance 
  •  be patient 

They Need YOU!

So, Where Can You Help?

Here Are Our Current Volunteer Needs:

Middle School Sunday Mornings:

 We have three services on Sunday morning for ou Middle School students. Areas to servce include small group leaders, mentors, tech booth leaders, greeters, connectors and stage leaders. 

Middle School Wednesday Nights:

During the church-wide Connect Group series, our Middle School students also meet for their own gender and grade based Connect Groups. Areas to serve on Wedesnday night include Connect Group leader, food area leaders, game leaders and tech booth leaders.



    The Collective:

    These are special events that occur on Sunday nights once a month. They take place on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Areas to service include set up leaders, check-in leaders, greeters, connectors, food area leaders, and much more! 

      High School Connect Groups:

      Our High School Connect Groups meet year round at Starbucks locations around North Pinellas. Our desire for the High School Connect Group leaders is for them to create connections with the students that last beyond their 4 years in high school.

      Ready to change the world?

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