Leadership Team

Kurt Parker
Senior Minister

Dean McSpadden
Business Administrator

Children’s Ministry Team

Aliesa Gilstrap

Director of Children’s & Women’s Ministries

Tricia Greene
Children’s Small Groups Coordinator







Kylie McFatridge

Director of SSK Production
and Administration

Pam Bauer

Childcare Coordinator









Madyson Pate

Director of SSK Communications

Student Ministry Team

Griffin Gilstrap

Pastor of Young Adults and
Director of Student Ministry

Stephen Law
Middle School Youth Minister

Chelsea Dennard

Director of Student & Early Young Adult Administration

Jenny Klobuchar

Director of College-Age

Adult Ministry Team

Tom Goodlet
Associate Minister

Karen Hoke
Adult Ministries/Communications Assoc.

Carol Burmood, LMHC

On-site Counseling:
LifeImpact Counseling

Sarah Williams

Connect Ministry Associate

Michelle Alexandre

Hospitality Director

Creative Ministry Team

Adrian Traurig

Creative Director/Worship Leader

Joy Ellcessor

Worship Leader

Ethan Parker

Worship Leader

JeanMarc Alexandre
Worship Leader

Lissette Metellus

Worship Leader/Outreach Leader

Hantz Metellus

Music Director






Andrew Frazier

Harborside Music Manager & CMO






Kaylyn Quick

Worship Leader

Outreach Ministry Team

Lissette Metellus

Outreach Leader









Wesley Dennard

Outreach Associate

Administrative Team

Erik Woodiwiss
Operations Director

Tammie Lilley
Accounting Associate

Joy Weaver
Accounting Associate

Dan Cusmano
Director of Technologies









Matt Peters

Operations Manager

Harborside Chapel Team

Tom Bates

Executive Director, Harborside Chapel

Krystal Rapp

Harborside Chapel Coordinator

Our Elders:

Charley Babcock
Tim Greene
Michael Carli
Phil Huff
Kurt Parker
Sergio DeOliveira
Mike Long