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Ready to Lead a Group?

As a Connect Group leader, your mission is to connect people to God’s word and help them grow in their faith. Our Connect Group leaders help people who attend our church become active participants, first by pointing each person to Christ for the answers and by modeling what an active, growing Christian looks like; guiding them to a deeper commitment by engaging in our three strategies:

Worship corporately, together weekly

Connect with God’s word and God’s people

Contribute with our time, talents and finances


New Leader Application & Group Registration Forms
March 4 – 25

Join A Group Campaign
April 8 – May 13

Groups Begin
May 20

Apply & Register

Both new and returning leaders fill out the Group Registration form each session for the group they wish to lead. 

First time Harborside group leaders – please provide a New Leader Application.

Read & Learn

We are excited for each leader to be prepared, to be encouraged and to be empowered.

Please review these two resources.


Once you register your group, you’ll be added to the HarborLink communications for all Group Leaders. This is our only source of distributing important information to all Connect Group leaders.

To stay informed, do not unsubscribe from emails in your HarborLink account. 

Have Questions?

Register for the Winter 2018 Leader Event

All leaders please plan to attend this event on January 14th at 1:00pm in room 226.

Click the PDF Image for Fall 2017 Connect Group Room Assignments