We Are Not Meant to Go Through Struggles Alone

A church family deals with life issues together. We all need a group that cares about our health, our healing, and our spiritual growth.

About Care Groups

Harborside Christian Church offers Care Groups, designed for God’s people to hold each other up in times of trials, and to help move forward in this life together. Care Groups meet each individual at whatever spiritual level they are in order to promote health, healing and a growing  relationship with Jesus Christ.  Join a group to get the care you need or give the care to those who need it most.


Broken and Beautiful

[Women] Betrayal in marriage has many different forms, but the pain and devastation is very similar.  This group comes around one another and offers understanding and encouragement.

1st & 3rd Thursdays @ 6:30 PM

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Broken but Building

[Men] Betrayal in marriage has many different forms, but the pain and devastation is very similar.  This group comes around one another and offers understanding and encouragement.

1st & 3rd Thursdays @ 7:00 PM

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Beyond Boundaries

[Women] This group is focused on women with a child or spouse with addiction issues. Using the book “Beyond Boundaries” we will learn how to stop enabling behaviors and gain freedom from co-dependent relationships.

Thursday @ 7:00 PM
September 12 – October 31

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Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

[Open to All] Participate in a Bible study with people who have a similar story, who will listen and offer encouragement.

2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 6:00 PM
September – October

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Celebrate Recovery

[Open to All] An opportunity for freedom from hurts, habits and hang-ups.  Celebrate Recovery offers a weekly opportunity to fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power through the “Eight Recovery Principles.”

Thursday nights @ 7:00 PM

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[Open to All] A friendly and caring group of people who understand how you feel and have real concern for individuals who are experiencing separation and divorce.

Thursdays @ 6:30pm
June 6 – September 5

Fall session dates: TBA

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Financial Peace University

[Open to All] We all need a plan for our money.  This program teaches God’s way of handling money with biblical and practical steps to get you from where you are to where you’ve dreamed you could be.

Sundays @ 8:30 AM
September 8 – November 3

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[Open to All] If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. GriefShare is led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help.

Sundays @ 1:00 PM
September 8 – December 15

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Infertility Support for Women

[Women] A support group for women who are struggling with infertility and recurrent miscarriages looking for encouragement and answers to some of their hardest questions.

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Marriages Transformed

[Couples] This group offers direction and encouragement to couples who are tired of living on the edge in their relationship and want to move to a relationship that thrives. Discussions, testimonials and exercises are used to build a couple’s skills in areas of communication, trust, forgiveness, intimacy and prayer.

2nd & 4th Thursdays @ 7:00 PM

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Mighty Men

[Men] Mighty Men is group designed to help men find a band of brothers in Christ and provide a trusted space where men can be transparent and accountable with their struggles. Each week we gather together for a time of prayer, encouragement and transparent sharing as well as studying a relevant Christ centered biblical based study.

Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM

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Mindset Reset

[Women] Embark on a  journey to learn how to reset your mindset… whether it is to worry less, change limiting beliefs you have about yourself, or learn new ways to be more positive and intentional in your daily life.  If you are frustrated with broken resolutions, the thought of changing your habits causes anxiety, or you are feeling stagnant… then this group is for you.

Wednesday @ 6:30 PM
September 11 – October 30

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Passages of Hope

[Women] This study guides suffering and hurting women to bring their emotional scars from abortion “out of the dark past and into His holy light,” where true and lasting healing can take place.

For more information, or to reserve a spot in this safe, non-judgmental group:  please call 727-940-2636 or email info@passagesofhope.org.

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[Men] This care group is a monthly support call for men who have been unfaithful in their marriages. A rebuilder is a man who acknowledges his wrong and is attempting to heal (rebuild) himself, his spouse and his family.

2nd Wednesdays @ 9:00 PM

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Spiritually Unequal Marriage

[Women] Connect with other Christian women whose husbands are not believers or at a different place in their faith journey. Our goal is not just to survive, but to thrive in our spiritually-mismatched marriages. This is a safe place, where you will be loved and your husband will be respected.

1st Mondays @ 7:00 PM

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Taste for Truth

[Open to All] Using the principles of Romans 12:2 you’ll be taking off the lies that make you overeat and putting on the truth that will make you actually want to eat with control. We will focus on renewing our minds and relying on Christ for satisfaction instead of food.

Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM
September 10 – October 29

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Wingman Nation

[Men] Wingman Nation allows for men to learn and have an active part of God in their life and their families while sharing with Christian brothers.  Wingman Nation gives you a place to connect with other men in a relaxed and social setting while enjoying food and time together and learning to be “The man God wants us to be.”

Thursdays @ 6:30 PM
Beginning September 12

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Business Networking Group

Whether entrepreneurs, small-business owners, self-employed or working for an organization, join together for networking, encouragement, and prayer.

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Adult Children Caring for Senior Parents

A group to strengthen, encourage and recharge. The goal of this care group is to provide a bi-weekly respite for caregivers. 

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The Wellness Revelation

The Wellness Revelation will challenge you to get fit with God so that He can free you to complete your purpose. We will encourage each other to love God, get healthy, and serve others; and provide you with the tools to spread the gospel.

Sunday @ 8:30am
9/09 through 11/04/2018

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Not Under Bondage: Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery & Desertion

Members of this group will remain CONFIDENTIAL.

9/09 through 10/28/2018
Contact leader for time.

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Run for God

A guide to running and 12-week training plan with a Christian focus. Beginning runners are welcome.


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DivorceCare for Kids

Help your children (ages 5-12) heal from the pain of divorce.  A DivorceCare for Kids group blends games, music, stories, videos and discussion to help kids process the divorce and move forward.

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Jobs for Life

This group mentors men and women to develop character, connect to a community of support and obtain more than just a job by promoting confidence, learning, self-control and faith.

Next Meeting Date TBA

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Faith Community Nurses

[Women] A Faith Community Nurse focuses on the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being of Harborside Church members. This is accomplished by providing home, hospital, or care facility visitation of church members.

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Hearts in Service

[Women] The women of Hearts in Service make visits to the Harborside church family and their loved ones in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and private homes, to offer comfort, prayer, and encouragement.

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Prayer Group

[Open to All] This group believes in the power of prayer.  Join in praying over the church’s requests weekly.

Sundays @ 10:00 AM

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Prayer Group: Revival Fire

[Open to All] Join us as we pray over our church and nation.

Thursdays @ 6:30 PM

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Saved by Second Chances

[Open to All] Second Chances, Strip Club Ministry brings the love of Jesus to the front door of women who are being exploited. Gather monthly to prepare gifts and offer prayers.

3rd Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM

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Taste of Grace

[Open to All] Taste of Grace volunteers use meals to offer comfort and encouragement, to show love, and to be vehicles for God’s love to those in need. They deliver food to people following a birth, surgery, illness, period of grief or other stressful situation.

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